June 19th, 2011

TDM 1.06 is now available!

The 1.06 release has LOADS of new content, both for players and for mappers.

This release includes two new characters (the inventor scientist and builder forger/engineer) as well as dozens of new animations.

Grayman has given AI relighting behaviour the delux treatment–AI will now notice and comment when lights are out, and will relight lights that mappers set as “should be on”. This applies to candles, torches and even electric lights.

Greebo has added campaign support, allowing multiple missions to be properly linked together.

For the first time, TDM can now be run on Mac OSX! Please refer to the wiki for further instructions, as the support is still somewhat experimental.

A new optional bow sight has been added for those that find aiming difficult.

Many other assets and improvements have been added. See our changelog for a full list.

Note: Remember, you cannot load older saved games after uploading to 1.06. Please finish your current missions before updating!

To update your existing installation, just run your tdm_update.exe file. The download size for upgrading 1.05 to 1.06 is about 48 MB; a fresh download will be about 2 GB.