December 22nd, 2010

At long last The Dark Mod version 1.03 is available for download!

To get the update, just run your tdm_update.exe file (inside your darkmod folder) or see our website for more info: With the new updater the download size for upgrading 1.02 to 1.03 is about 210 MB. A fresh download will weigh about 1.8 GB.

Ultra-short summary

  • Graphic overhaul: New Ambient method, Interaction Shader and HDR-Lite Post-Processing
  • Various code changes with regards to AI, physics, sound, location system, inventory
  • New textures (lilies, skyboxes, metal, roof and brick textures)
  • New female AI including two new vocal sets “Wench” and “Lady”
  • A couple of new models, fixed a few fixed issues with existing models
  • Built-in Mission Downloader, plus some changes to the settings GUI
  • Added Werebeast and Horse AI, spiders upgraded
  • New update system supporting differential downloads
  • A couple of new systems are still in preparation, so expect more goodness to come in TDM 1.04 (Overhauled Level of Detail system, AI pathing upgrades and more)

The full changelog can be found on our wiki.

Note: While missions are fully compatible with this release, you can NOT load any previously saved games after updating to 1.03. If you’re in the middle of playing a mission, you might want to finish it before updating.

December 12th, 2010

The team is in the final stages of getting the 1.03 update ready for release. This new update has a huge number of features, including a new in-game mission loader, new characters (wench, noblewoman, horse, etc), new graphic options, and a huge number of bugfixes. The difference when playing is quite noticeable–both the graphics and sounds have been taken to the next level.

The Dark Mod has made the top 100 list of mods at MODDB. Help vote us to the top!

As the developers are generally too busy to focus on self-promotion, nbohr1more has taken on the task of updating our MODDB page with screenshots, interviews, and other goodies. Here’s one interview with Grayman, our newest developer.