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Download the Mod

In order to play The Dark Mod missions you need to install a base package first (~ 2GB). We currently have two recommended ways of doing this, the first is to use our updater which will download the most recent package from our servers. The updater can also be used to keep your installation up to date. And the second is to use an alternative installer created by one of our forum members Freyk.

Proceed to the Mod Download page to read about how to download the mod.

Download Missions

A growing number of missions is available through the in-game downloader, a list of published missions can also be found on the Missions page.

Build Missions

The Dark Mod features its own customized editor, DarkRadiant. It is an open source tool available for Windows and Linux, aimed at making the mission creation process as easy as possible. Grab the editor and more on the Mission Authors page.

Download Source Code

The Dark Mod’s sources are available through “snapshots”, i.e. whenever the Dark Mod team is releasing a new update (e.g. TDM 2.05) the corresponding sources are released alongside. The package is provided as-is, with no guarantees or support of the team.

There is a brief TDM Compilation Guide on our wiki, in case you need some directions on compiling the code. A few articles on selected code sections can also be found there. See the source code archive for previous code releases.

Latest Source Code / SVN

To get your hands on the latest, most unstable and bug-infested code, you can check out the sources from our SVN server. Use TortoiseSVN or a similar client to download these, the check out URL is:

Big disclaimer: This SVN version of the source code is unstable and therefore only targeted at the interested reader or possible contributor. We cannot guarantee it will run properly with the asset base from the latest stable release, nor will we offer support – we just don’t have the manpower for that. Just take it as it is, play around with it, learn from it, etc. Some parts of the source code are in flux and need to be viewed as unfinished or buggy. Please let the responsible programmer finish their task before commenting on the code or offering patches. The game mechanics as they are implemented in this source code have usually been discussed very deeply by the team and are not open for discussion. Only confirmed issues from the bugtracker and possibly new features (gameplay / renderer /…) are welcome additions. It might be a good idea to ask in the forums before implementing new features, to measure the chances of them being accepted by the team.