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In a Time of Need 1

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Mission Details

Title In a Time of Need 1
Released 2013-11-12
Version 2
Author(s) kyyrma
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 5 MB
Description In A Time Of Need is small-sized mansion level in which the player is tasked with stealing a cache of spice from the house of a seafaring merchant. It is my first and (at the time of writing) only FM. The difficulty level is low to moderate, and the mission is well suited for new players accustoming to the world of TDM. For players looking for more challenge I suggest ghosting, as the level has been designed to lend itself well for that kind of playstyle. The map and objective layout change slightly between "Normal" and "Hard" / "Expert" difficulty levels. If you want to experience all the content the level has to offer, I suggest you start by playing the map through on Normal and then move on to higher difficulties.

Mission Download Locations: In a Time of Need 1

Localization Packs: In a Time of Need 1

FM Screenshots: In a Time of Need 1

In a Time of Need 1 #1


In a Time of Need 1 #2