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The Golden Skull

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Mission Details

Title The Golden Skull
Released 2015-10-25
Version 1
Author(s) Sotha
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 7 MB
Description Life has been hard for us after we ran away with my beloved Emily. From the distance, the City looked like it was full of opportunities, but now that we are here... I do not know. No work, no money, no food, the rent is overdue. Soon we will be living in the streets with the cutthroats. Poor Emily, please forgive me. This is not the life I promised you. Fortunately for us, Emily got a temporary job as a helper maid in Lord Mosfort's Manor. This will not solve our financial problems, but presents a much needed opportunity. Lord Mosfort is an eccentric noble, who has filled his home with valuables. Of particular interest is the fabled Golden Skull, which is on display in the main hall of Manor Mosfort. If we could run away and sell it, we would be well off for quite a while. We both know it is wrong: we are no thieves. But we are survivors. We must do this or we die in poverty. My original plan was so simple, I didn't think anything would go wrong. Emily could move in the Manor freely and was supposed to investigate if there are any security measures protecting the Skull. And then, when we would be ready, we would strike. But last night she didn't come home after work and I'm worried sick. I'm breaking into the manor tonight. The plan is to get Emily out, grab the Skull and as much loot as we can carry. Desperate times call for desperate action.

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Localization Packs: The Golden Skull

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FM Screenshots: The Golden Skull

The Golden Skull #1


The Golden Skull #2