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Sir Taffsalot's Sword

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Mission Details

Title Sir Taffsalot's Sword
Released 2018-03-17
Version 1
Author(s) Grayman
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 11 MB
Description This is my tribute to Sir Taffsalot (Gary Pugh), whom we recently lost. He was a valuable contributor in mission creation, beta testing, and idea contribution. You are tasked with recovering Sir Taffsalot's ceremonial sword, which has been stolen from him and spirited away to the mansion of one Lord Asher. While dealing with (or avoiding) Asher's guards, you need to find the sword and a couple special objects related to Sir Taffsalot. Since Asher isn't a nice fellow, there is (of course) the need to also find evidence he is up to no good.

Mission Download Locations: Sir Taffsalot's Sword

Localization Packs: Sir Taffsalot's Sword

No localisation packs available for this FM.

FM Screenshots: Sir Taffsalot's Sword

Sir Taffsalot's Sword #1


Sir Taffsalot's Sword #2