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Please refer to the articles on our wiki to get information on Installing and Running Fan Missions.

Mission Details

Title Requiem
Released 2013-10-08
Version 6
Author(s) Moonbo
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 111 MB
Description Tonight's job is the kind of break you get only once in a lifetime. If you pull it off, we're both gonna retire in style. For years there have been rumors that the founding baron of the City laid a huge gemstone into its foundations. The gem was supposed to bring good fortune to the City, and the old baron never told anyone where he'd stuck it. Once in a while you'll hear someone claim to have discovered where it's hid.

Mission Download Locations: Requiem

Localization Packs: Requiem

No localisation packs available for this FM.

FM Screenshots: Requiem

Requiem #1


Requiem #2


Requiem #3


Requiem #4