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Thief's Remorse

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Mission Details

Title Thief's Remorse
Released 2015-10-30
Version 1
Author(s) Airship Ballet
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 41 MB
Description That crown was not yours to take. You may think the dead have no need of a crown, that your welfare in the coming Winter is of greater importance than the welfare of a dead man. Having been there myself, I empathise completely. All the same, I won't abide your kind making off with the easy pickings of a corpse. You may think that you have no choice, that you will starve without trinkets to fence come December. That is likely, granted, but there is always a choice. Return the crown and we'll speak no more of it.

Mission Download Locations: Thief's Remorse

Localization Packs: Thief's Remorse

FM Screenshots: Thief's Remorse

Thief's Remorse #1

Airship Ballet

Thief's Remorse #2

Airship Ballet