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In Remembrance of Him

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Mission Details

Title In Remembrance of Him
Released 2012-04-23
Version 3
Author(s) RPGista
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 38 MB
Description You are a nameless hero, who was asked for help by someone you feel deep compassion for. Your plan is to avoid the streets and head towards your goal through the nearby buildings and inner alleys. Unfortunately for you, the area is not a peaceful one this night in particular. This is not meant to be a classic Thief-like mission, though I believe all the major elements are there; its meant to be more of an adventure where the player has freedom to move inside the available space in different ways, can choose to confront or to sneak past challenges, to get involved with the characters around him and explore, or to avoid any detour and head directly for his objective; he will also be faced with obstacles to his progress that will have to be overcome using a mix of dexterity and logical thinking. This is not a mission for beginners, ironically - there will be very little equipment other than your weapons, and you will need reasonable knowledge of your character's physical skills and limits (jumping, mantling), as well as being able to easily interact with objects, in order to succeed. Some of the encounters with enemies might also be difficult. Not every person will be aggressive towards the player, however. It is possible to find peaceful folks gathering outside, minding their own business. Of course, everyone who catches you invading their homes will defend themselves, and they might unite to face you. Others will be hostile to the player on sight - approach anyone outside with care; don't trust dangerous men carrying heavy weaponry. You don't need to kill any innocents to fulfil your goal.

Mission Download Locations: In Remembrance of Him

Localization Packs: In Remembrance of Him

FM Screenshots: In Remembrance of Him

In Remembrance of Him #1


In Remembrance of Him #2


In Remembrance of Him #3


In Remembrance of Him #4


In Remembrance of Him #5