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Old Habits 1

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Mission Details

Title Old Habits 1
Released 2010-10-19
Version 2
Author(s) Obsttorte
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 12 MB
Description Bridgeport - city of fortune and wealth they said. It's been a while since I've arrived here, looking for some work to accomplish and the fortune and wealth to enjoy. Hadn't had much look until now. So I spent my nights in the local taverns, hoping that the next day will bring me a little bit more luck. Until one week ago. I was just sitting in my favourite tavern, drinking a bit, eyeing up the barmaid's assets, as I saw a familiar face. Jimmy, an old pale of mine was also stranded in this part of the world it seems, also having no luck like myself. We drank one or two and what he told me than, was really interesting.

Mission Download Locations: Old Habits 1

Localization Packs: Old Habits 1

No localisation packs available for this FM.

FM Screenshots: Old Habits 1

Old Habits 1 #1


Old Habits 1 #2


Old Habits 1 #3


Old Habits 1 #4