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Not An Ordinary Guest

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Mission Details

Title Not An Ordinary Guest
Released 2013-08-01
Version 2
Author(s) Fieldmedic
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 79 MB
Description A mission with 3 different play styles! Will you play as the assassin, sneaking into the hotel, figuring out where your target is and eliminate it? Or will you be the unseen thief, skulking in the shadows, looting the wealthy from their heavy purses? Or why not the saboteur, wandering the hotel like an ordinary guest, but is he? Why is the water in the bath cold? Why is the food tasting like shit? It is something peculiar about that fellow in that room...

Mission Download Locations: Not An Ordinary Guest

Localization Packs: Not An Ordinary Guest

No localisation packs available for this FM.

FM Screenshots: Not An Ordinary Guest

Not An Ordinary Guest #1


Not An Ordinary Guest #2