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Illusionist's Tower

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Mission Details

Title Illusionist's Tower
Released 2010-08-06
Version 1
Author(s) stumpy
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 8 MB
Description You're low on money and the landlord is leaning on you, well he sent two heavies round your place to extract the long over due rent, after avoiding the heavies you end up in a local bar. You overhear a story about an old abandoned tower ten miles northeast of Bridgeport, apparently for years people have been trying to find a fabolous (sic) treasure hidden in the tower. Traveling to the tower will be easy and cost nothing as two gravedigger's visit the area every week, and gaining entrance to the tower will also be easy as the main door was bashed down by the Grey Mist gang just before they all totally disappeared. Only one slight problem though, of all those who have entered the tower, none have ever been seen again, well not alive at any cost.

Mission Download Locations: Illusionist's Tower

Localization Packs: Illusionist's Tower

FM Screenshots: Illusionist's Tower

Illusionist's Tower #1


Illusionist's Tower #2


Illusionist's Tower #3


Illusionist's Tower #4