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Full Moon Fever

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Mission Details

Title Full Moon Fever
Released 2016-05-14
Version 4
Author(s) Spoonman & Bikerdude
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 23 MB
Description The guild had been planning a hit on Lord Kinbote's Manor for well over six months, even infiltrating one of its members as a servant to pass along information about the state of affairs at the house. It was not too long ago that the Lord started digging down, intending to expand his basement, before stumbling upon what our informant refers to as "an ancient crypt". Lord Kinbote started behaving strangely ever since." It was just two days ago that we last got in contact with our informant. He told us the Lord had locked himself up in his study and hadn't left in almost a week. Everyone's presuming him dead at this point, and his family is already on their way to the house. He says it won't be long before the City Watch comes along to start investigations. "It is now or never", he says. Several guards and servants have been given leave for the time being, and the whole house is in a state of complete disorganization. That's almost certain to change once the Lord's family arrives and takes control of the situation. Not to mention the manor is going to get a lot of notoriety once the news reaches the public. It's not everyday that one of the City's wealthiest nobles dies in such unusual conditions. Lord Kinbote was obsessed with finding something within those crypts. He never said what that was exactly, but it must definitely be very valuable for him to lose his mind over. I should find what this is and get it for myself in addition to looting the manor. And it has to be done tonight...

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Localization Packs: Full Moon Fever

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FM Screenshots: Full Moon Fever

Full Moon Fever #1

Spoonman & Bikerdude

Full Moon Fever #2

Spoonman & Bikerdude

Full Moon Fever #3

Spoonman & Bikerdude

Full Moon Fever #4

Spoonman & Bikerdude

Full Moon Fever #5

Spoonman & Bikerdude