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Crystal Grave

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Mission Details

Title Crystal Grave
Released 2013-02-09
Version 2
Author(s) ERH+, Bikerdude
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 12 MB
Description Intro: "East of the Rahen Mountain, there is a swampy area, a backwater of river Rahna. Approximately twenty years ago the Inventors Guild began their effort to secure the rights to the land and presented the construction projects of water dams and locks in endeavour to create a water trails for flat-bottomed vessels. The prospect of increased economic exchange between the plains and the mountain settlements prevailed over the objections of displeased neighbours and just five years later the water level in ponds allowed for flow of barges. Good mood of the local lord diminished though, as more and more crops and farms disappeared under the water, wells began to stink, and dysentery started to collect a heavy toll. Guild excuses that thawing and hardship of communication with lock's staff was to blame didn't resolve the crisis. What did, was a compensation - a one-off shipment of nearly half a ton of rock crystals. This aroused comments among people not normally interested in the Inventors and their dealings. People like me. The trail leads to one of inaccessible facilities of the bulkhead oversight in the network of ponds, where, the crystals are mined, pre-processed and sorted out. Several months later... Crossing the flooded and deserted five furlongs in one-man boat was risky enough, but I took my chances and tried to take the boat through the lock, to be closer to the guardhouse. The bulkhead mechanism was too complicated for one person to operate though. Now I don't have the means to go back and water scattered my equipment all over the pond. And with no boat the only way back is a walk along the causeway towards the mountains, but for that I will need to get a good supply of food and water, so not to loose my strength carrying the loot."

Mission Download Locations: Crystal Grave

Localization Packs: Crystal Grave

FM Screenshots: Crystal Grave

Crystal Grave #1

ERH+, Bikerdude

Crystal Grave #2

ERH+, Bikerdude

Crystal Grave #3

ERH+, Bikerdude

Crystal Grave #4

ERH+, Bikerdude

Crystal Grave #5

ERH+, Bikerdude