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Please refer to the articles on our wiki to get information on Installing and Running Fan Missions.

Mission Details

Title Coercion
Released 2016-09-27
Version 1
Author(s) Sotha
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 9 MB
Description Dear Simeon, How are you? We trust your mother is well? How fortunate that we could sell you the medicine she needs! We regret to inform you that your loan is due. Yes, we are aware that you’ve had difficulties in paying up and we have been most understanding towards you. However, our patience is not bottomless. It is time to pay. If you are not able to pay up in gold, we will allow you to pay us back in kind. The task should not be overwhelmingly difficult for a little sneak such as you. Lord Greyton isn’t presently doing what we want and because of that we need to have some leverage over him. He treasures rare books over everything else, so we want you to steal his most precious volumes, which he has hidden somewhere in his mansion. In addition, we must make it clear we are serious. Please deliver the attached note on his desk in his study, and this skull on his bed, preferably next to his sleeping wife. Please be discreet. We want influence, not corpses. It is vital you do not hurt Greyton or his wife in any way! We will deduct any additional valuables you find from the mansion from your debt. You have two weeks, and then we will have this little service, or your kneecaps. Your choice. Greyton’s manor is located in the Old Quarter in Bridgeport. You should be able to get in through the back alley.
A small lad like you can probably fit in through the coal chute. We await eagerly the due date of your loan, Simeon.

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FM Screenshots: Coercion

Coercion #1


Coercion #2


Coercion #3


Coercion #4