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The Dark Mod

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The Builder's Blocks

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Mission Details

Title The Builder's Blocks
Released 2013-03-18
Version 1
Author(s) Jesps
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 2.9 MB
Description The time has come for my unusual gameplay fm to be released! Important! Please read this before you play the map. You will be playing a mini-game in this map. This mini-game alters the mouse sensitivity setting when you start it, so be sure to click on the 'leave' button in-map before exiting the game. Failure to do so means that you must reset the mouse setting manually and then restart the map. Since this is a map for the unusual gameplay contest the gameplay is unusual (not surprisingly). Do not expect a normal Dark Mod mission.

Mission Download Locations: The Builder's Blocks

Localization Packs: The Builder's Blocks

No localisation packs available for this FM.

FM Screenshots: The Builder's Blocks

The Builder's Blocks #1


The Builder's Blocks #2