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Lord Dufford's

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Mission Details

Title Lord Dufford's
Released 2010-03-31
Version 1
Author(s) Stumpy
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 22 MB
Description Lord Dufford's This mission is set in the fair city of Lunarium otherwise known as the city of the spires, as four huge spires feed magical light directly into the massive tower in the center of the city. The city lies five thousand leagues east of Bridgeport, and is home to many people who came here due to the magical healing properties in the air surround the spire's, although getting to close to a spire means you disappear in a puff of greasy smoke. You play as Reg Rouge, thief for hire, also known thoughout the city as the mysterious Red Rouge, due to leaving a calling card of the seven of snoozeberries, with a red splat on it at places you empty. You should find it in your inventory when you get in the map, Lord Chaz' bed would be a good place to leave it.

Mission Download Locations: Lord Dufford's

Localization Packs: Lord Dufford's

FM Screenshots: Lord Dufford's

Lord Dufford's #1


Lord Dufford's #2