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Braeden Church

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Mission Details

Title Braeden Church
Released 2018-07-01
Version 2
Author(s) grayman
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 25 MB
Description William Steele: In the North introduced us to some memorable characters: Lord Harckoff, Lieutenant Trumble, Father Grimmore ... The setting was a renovated Builder church. But what was that church like, back when Father Grimmore was alive and the Harckoff family was nowhere to be seen? This mission takes place on one very nasty night back then, when a gang of murderers and thieves raided the church. You happen to be in Braeden on the same night, and you decide to visit the church, with a goal that's quite different than what the gang had in mind.

Mission Download Locations: Braeden Church

Localization Packs: Braeden Church

No localisation packs available for this FM.

FM Screenshots: Braeden Church

Braeden Church #1


Braeden Church #2