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Download The Dark Mod Installer


Windows Installation Instructions

  1. Create a new folder for the game (e.g. c:\games\darkmod)
  2. Download tdm_update.exe by clicking the Windows logo above (or here) and save it inside the folder you created
  3. Run tdm_update.exe and wait for The Dark Mod to install (Note: you must have write access to the folder!)
  4. After installation simply run TheDarkMod.exe (or TheDarkModx64.exe for the 64 bit version of the game) from your installation folder and begin playing!

Linux Installation Instructions

  1. Create a folder darkmod in your home directory.
  2. Download the 32-bit Linux version of the TDM Updater and extract it to your darkmod folder. A 64-bit Linux version of TDM Updater is also available. Note: pass –noselfupdate key when running it, like this: tdm_update.linux64 –noselfupdate
  3. Make tdm_update.linux executable: chmod +x tdm_update.linux
  4. Run the updater, it will connect to our mirrors and download the packages for you.
  5. Start The Dark Mod using either thedarkmod.x86 or thedarkmod.x64 binary in your darkmod folder.

Mac OS X Installation Instructions

The Dark Mod does not officially support Mac OS X however a forum member has developed a work around using PlayOnMac. You can follow his helpful Forum Post for more information.

Still stuck?

There is a more detailed Installation Guide on our Wiki. If you keep running into problems, check the FAQ on our wiki or post in our forums.


Each of our mirrors contains a copy of the updater. Get it from here: